Monday, October 25, 2004

Court n' Comedy

Ahhhh yesss, nothing like spending a glorious overcast/dark day going to court. I had one of those chatty cab drivers. When I mentioned court, he went into a long spiel about how we're all slaves in this "land of the free". This info I already knew and have brooded over ad nauseum. His view of things was considerably darker than mine, however... I was praying that he would button it up but he kept pulling the cord and on and on it went...His advice was for me to tell the truth to the judge- as they say in the Guiness ads-brilliant! Made it through court- 2 1/2 hours of mind numbing entertainment so I could answer yes to three questions the judge asked me. She was prim, proper and actually quite attractive but I went with "yes, your honor" rather than "yes, bay-bee". I think I was actually behind the podium for a grand total of 45 seconds. Shall we do the math and get a percentage of that against the 2 plus hours? No, let's not and say we did. Since this was my first time in court for anything (traffic violation) it was a bit different than I envisioned. My time to be there was 9 AM. I would plead guilty at 9:05, pay my fine and be on my merry way. Not so fast grasshoppah! It turned out to be basically a cattle call oriented thing, with a herd of 40 to 5o of us unfortunates filing in. Of course, I get Charlie Manson Jr. aka Aqualung sitting next to me on the bench. He talked to himself and then managed to get into a heated exchange with the DA about his case.

As time droned on, the state prosecutor said he had to be at another courthouse and asked if all of the state cases should be first. Heavy groan...mine was a city one. At least 6 cases were called and the people weren't even in court, then they called one person on the phone! The DA asked the question I'm sure we were all wondering about, why wasn't this person in court? We had been waiting for well over an hour. Then came the longest testimony, this from a hardened criminal charged with criminal trespassing aka walking on railroad tracks! Did I ever say how insane bureaucracy makes me? It was at this point that Charlie Manson Jr. piped up and said so eloquently "Hey Judge, Armstrong here-when am I on?" He then realized that they were still hearing state cases-after the DA reminded him. Ooops, my bad...ha ha! So several of us ended up getting a pre-trail diversion offer and will get our charges dismissed in exhange for possible community service and some fines. Sounded good to me, especially if it had anything to do with me getting out of the gloomy courtroom a minute or two earlier. Just the possibility of having to spend another morning in that courtroom again is incentive enough for me to walk the extreme straight and narrow.

As Rodney Dangerfield (RIP) once said-"It's lonely at the top, especially when there's no one on the bottom!"

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Advice from Sir D. Ozelle

1. "Chin up, buttercup"
2. "Never ask if you can "play through" gators on a golf course!" (don't rush em!)
3. "Maybe the Everglades isn't the best place for you to hang."
4. {Removed by lame Police}
5. When acquiring an animal, name him/her "Peeves". Then you can introduce them as your pet.......Peeves....brump brump tsssst!

Tumbling Dice/Exile on Nowhere St.

Just got my CD of "Exile on Main Street" and it's as good as I remember it. I had a "Best of Exile" cassette take a suicide dive into a soda and that was a R&R comet gone down if I've ever seen one. I wondered how it would sound on digital and it's not too bad. A little cleaner, but there still is some of the trademark "murky" mix that makes this "album" so good. Currently listening to the first Stones song I ever heard-"Tumbling Dice". I was sitting in the backseat of my folks ever-so-glamorous and sleek Rambler crossing Nevada and it came on the radio. My ears instantly locked in on the infectious beat after the gliding intro of 3rds served up by Keith Richard. Charlie Watts really shines on the drums on this tune-his simple, but deadly fills into the perfectly placed crash cymbals really make this song. Oddly enough, I never really noticed that Mick Taylor, the fine lead player with them at the time, is playing bass on this...And the other Mick is playing some guitar. The background vocals on this by Clydie King, Venetta Fields and "friend" are so powerful-almost a full on gospel treatment.

Sometimes it pays to root for the underdog-I have to admit the historic come from behind ALCS win by the Red Sox was especially sweet!! For some reason, my son is a Red Sox fan even though he lives over 3 thousand miles away. So I decided to jump on the bandwagon. Not that I hate the Yankees, mind you, even though Steinbrenner is one of Satan's cronies thinking he can buy a world series victory year in, year out. Maybe he can buy the Red Sox next year...I did read that he's fired Babe Ruth's ghost, however!

Still pretty deep into the Black Mood #98. We get a yearly Permanent Fund check here in Alaska from interest off of invested oil income. I haven't seen a full check in over 8 years, now that I've dealt with the IRS and am current with child support I figured I'd see a full one. Wrong, the court in my ex's town took over 75% of it-I have no clue what for. So I'm pissed off again. People need a little incentive, a little hope. All I am is a plowhorse for my her to fleece. For those of you embarking on a musical career, have something that pays decent wages to fall back on. It's taken me 5 years to get to a liveable wage. Winter is about here, no snow yet, but the chill is in the air and I'm praying that this year will be better than last. I walked to work most of the time and it was frequently like traversing the North Col on Everest. I suppose my current bout of listlessness is due to continuing to question my place in life. I seem to be buried in a molasses-like sludge of complacency, I've been beaten down for so long it's almost what I expect. I see glimpses of light, then in a quicksilver second they're gone. I expect too much out of this life, so much "promise"...bah and f**king humbug. If anyone sees my sense of humor, tell it to send a postcard from wherever it is.

All work and no play makes Derek a dull boy
All work and no play makes Derek a dull boy
All work and no play makes Derek a dull boy
All work and no play makes Derek a dull boy
All work and no play makes Derek a dull boy
All work and no play makes Derek a dull boy

-----whooo, I'm exhausted--Derek zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Another Quote....

"Laws are like sausages. It's better not to see them being made"--Otto Von Bismarck

"Wired" Moose found!

In yet another case of truth being stranger than fiction, apparently some electricians were stringing some lines along a 5 mile stretch out in the bush. They had the wire on the ground and then winched it up. When they finally got around to doing so, they found that they were having to use quite a bit more torque than usual. They went back to investigate and found---I'm not making this up (only in Alaska) a huge bull moose hanging way off of the ground by it's trophy sized antlers! It had been rutting around and had gotten tangled up...Well, when moose decide to "hang out", they don't mess around. Now if I find out that the moose knows Elton John, Madonna or J Lo I'll know it's just a publicity stunt! At this time, no links have been found.


Ebb and Flow of Patience/Hope

I was going to wait and write something when I was in a better mood, but it may be 2010 before that happens, so...I'm having a hard time going to work, I have one more week of my car being impounded and I don't EVEN want to end up walking in the snow. I'll spare you the details of why my auto is in vehicle jail, other than I had another spell of self sabotage (aka stupidity) and this will be one of my most expensive mistakes in quite some time. Step right up Derek now that you've shot yourself in the foot, let's see what you've won! I'm compartmentalizing it well until I leave my place and have to go somewhere. This wouldn't be so bad if it hadn't come after an intensely bad year financially, I just detest "giving" this money to the municipality...Meanwhile, my attitude towards work has taken a nose dive the last week or so. I did get a raise, so I should be happy. I arrived there today after the weekend just seething, fortunately my co-workers were able to lift the mood somewhat, but I just don't seem to have any patience right now. Hope I have a little of, a teaspoon here, a teaspoon there. All I know is I don't want to be in this mindset next year at this time. Onward Donner, on Blitzen--and whatever your name is!! You, with the red nose, get er done!

I find that I like to read and watch biographies, I find it interesting how people are able to weather extremely hideous circumstances and live fulfilling lives. Not necessarily from rags to riches type stories, although it can be a coincidental aspect of persevering through hardships. In a related subject, it's been said that love waits for welcome, not on time. I can count at least 5 relationships I've lost because of music, I didn't have the time or was a couple thousand miles away. Let's just say long distance love tends to wither from neglect rather easily.

as John Lee Hooker once sang--"Serves you right to suffer, you're gonna live alone..."

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

"Inward Beauty" by Krishnamurti

(an excerpt from "Think on These Things")
Surely, to have inward beauty, there must be complete abandonment, the sense of not being held, of no restraint, no defense, no resistance; but abandonment becomes chaotic if there is no austerity with it. And do we know what it means to be austere, to be satisfied with little and not think in terms of "the more"? There must be this abandonment with deep inward austerity--the mind is not acquiring, gaining, not thinking in terms of "the more". It is simplicity born of abandonment with austerity that brings about the state of creative beauty. But if there is no love you cannot be simple, you cannot be austere. You may talk about simplicity and austerity, but without love they are merely a form of compulsion, and therefore there is no abandonment. Only he (or she) has love who abandons himself (herself), forgets himself completely, and thereby brings about the state of creative beauty.

Beauty obviously includes beauty of form; but without inward beauty, the mere sensual appreciation of beauty leads to degradation and disintegration. There is an inward beauty only when you feel real love for people and for all the things of the earth; and with that love comes a tremendous sense of consideration, watchfulness and patience.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Chet Atkins Diet Working!

Alright, this diet is working fantastically, I've gained 3 pounds in the last 2 days! For those who haven't heard of the "Chet" Atkins diet, it's nothing but Pepperoni pizza and ice cream for a month. You've gotta love it! I'm finding cookies n' cream to be the kind of ice cream that really goes well with the pizza. Bon Appetit! Also it's required to do a half an hour of fingerpicking per day, you can choose what song (s) or music you want to do...I'm going to get some silver spray paint and go as the Goodyear Blimp this year! So if you're out on Halloween and see something odd in the sky, do not, repeat DO NOT try to shoot it down!

One of my favorite Halloween nights was in California. We were playing a 400 seat club that was packed and everybody was having a good time, as well as wearing some great costumes. Six girls arrived together all dressed as "St. Pauli Girls" in exactly the same garb as the girls-I was impressed! They were a six pack and had a full scale six pack holder around them as if they were "bottles". As they passed by, one girl said to me "this is the last time I ever do something like this, for the last hour I've had to go to the bathroom! And I hate these bitches!" Well, you have to sacrifice something for show biz, as they say...The winner of the costume contest was a guy in a pink suit wearing a coffee table on his head. Sure, no problem! I was wondering what in the hell he was. It was revealed later that he was "bubblegum under the furniture"--ha ha! Yes, once again, the power of the creativity rears it's hilarious (and strange) head!

Friday, October 08, 2004

Visits to (and from) the Past

Beware of walking down memory lane too long. It's been a strange but slightly uplifting last day or so. I had been wondering what had happened to the first singer I ever worked with for years. I tried ICQing her a year or so ago and never even thought to google her, figuring she'd probably been going by a married name and why bother. So last night I googled her as I was listening to this old gig tape of her singing a blues/rock tune called "Rockbottom". It's about being broke, out of coke, and livin' the lowdown blues. Jo Baker, who used to be in the Elvin Bishop Group, sang it originally and really belted it out! "Mindy" (name changed) had a great alto voice and did a hot version of it. I was doing some backup vocals on it and I was thinking about how well our voices blended, as well as the horrendous quality of the recording (ha ha!). It was off of the board, but the bass and keys are lost because I don't believe either one had a line in. We were really struggling for gear in those days. Then out of the blue-there were several links to her songs, CD's, spiritual teaching AND her website! Very impressive. Then I saw her picture and amazingly enough, in over 20 years she really hadn't aged much at all! I'd even forgotten she was a redhead-sort of-ha ha! I also saw a picture of her and her new husband of a year or so, they looked quite happy. I read some of her "musings" and she mentioned that she had 15 years of sobriety. It appears she got the clue slightly earlier than I did. I listened to a short sample of one of her songs and it was very pretty. All of the vocals were in harmony, but I could recognize her warm, throaty vocals and nice vibrato. I can see and hear that she has a very strong foundation in her spirituality and has achieved quite a bit of growth.

This gave me some inspiration to try and find a couple more old friends who I've completely lost touch with in the past 20 years. I managed to find both of them, at least it appears to be the case. "Angela" is now managing an upscale bar in Ohio and that's where she was from, so I'm guessing it's her. She was one of those "who got away", I have very beautiful memories of a romantic rainy weekend in San Francisco for the Blues Festival. Robert Cray was playing and it was just awesome, so many other superb acts as well...A short time after that, she moved back to Ohio. I used to get these lovely letters from her, then as with so many long distance relationships, we lost touch. She was in the process of breaking up with her long time boyfriend who I had known for years and it made things a bit strained. "Company" by Rickie Lee Jones is the ballad that never fails to remind me of her. For some reason, that's one album I haven't replaced on CD-"Danny's All-Star Joint" is a song Mindy used to sing also. Maybe there are too many memories and feelings tied into it. Mindy and I have a bit of a "history" as well and so it's sort of a "what a twisted web we weave" scenario. To further thicken the plot, after Angela moved back to Ohio, Mindy married her ex-boyfriend a year later!
I also looked up "Clark", he was one of the most talented cartoonists I've seen. His caricatures were amazing! He drew me this fantastic Fender Telecaster guitar with arms, legs and a finger pointing at me with the sternest look on it's "face". (of course all guitars have eyes, a nose and mouth!) The caption was "Have you done your practicing today?" Too funny--and sometimes it actually made me feel guilty...The funny part was I didn't play a Tele then-details, details! I think I found him, I found a portfolio of his work that's so excellent! There was a long list of all of the publications he's had his work in. Okay, I think it's him...we shall see.

Now the dilemma, I'm not really all that sure I should get in touch with these people. Clark, maybe, but as far as the ladies, it may not be the best idea. I certainly am not going to call people on the phone cold and ask "do you know who this is?" Sure, it might be fun-but it's a bit rude after so long perhaps. Can you tell I'm wrestling with this? If I do get in touch, it will be by email first, then if they answer I'll know if they have any interest in talking. It may give rise to awkward situations and I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. I dread the thought of us not having anything to talk about. Then there would be the inevitable questions about what I'm doing now, digging myself out of the wreckage of 20-plus years of drinking isn't too glamourous.

Another wrinkle-
Tonight I was surprised at work by "the gunman" in the "Happiness is a Warm Gun" post awhile back. He walked in the kitchen and surprised me, it was nice to see him actually-I hadn't seen him in over 5 years! We had a nice chat, we go WAY back to the late 80's and did go through alot together. Way too much substance abuse. As long as I'm not playing music with him, we get along fine. I reluctantly agreed to play with him again after 12 years and he flaked AGAIN! (quit a week before we were about to leave to Dutch Harbor 5 years ago)Interestingly, Kiki, the keyboard player I came up here with (and his ex) is now a drug and alcohol counselor! She knows something about it, as so many of us musicians do, unfortunately.

So it's nice to see, read and hear about old friends, I suppose they define us in many respects. I think we all have several special people that we connected with in college or through work. So many people move away and time passes. We wonder if the friendships can be rekindled. Some, like "the gunman", are nice to see in very limited doses, he gets a bit toxic to be around when he's drinking. By and large, however, I've been feeling very detached lately. How long can I continue to live in the shadows? I don't know if I have all that much to say to these people. I drank, crashed & burned yet survived, but am not living the life I want to be leading. I need to complete my studio and get the acoustic guitar-and get back to work...I'm still paying off debts, including a nice hefty fine on my car here soon...grrrr! The struggle is no longer the welcome challenge that I used to enjoy. It's a chore now, for the most part. And it's barely past the middle of the work week! Yesssssssssssss!

Beware of those walks down memory lane that last too long...-Derek Ozelle

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

With Christmas Right Around the Corner...

How about a genuine Santa endorsed sleigh? He has his latest model available that he ran some races in Nascar with, so try not to mind the Valvoline, STP and M&M's decals on it.(By the way, I really like that guy M&M, rap is my life!) It comes with optional reindeer or 3 Alaskan Racing Pigs! Contrary to popular belief, the pigs are real and not some conjured up tall tale. I was actually sent a picture of them jumping hurdles recently by my father, so it's legit. When I get my scanner up I'll give you proof of their existence. In the meantime, TRUST ME! I would recommend the pigs over the reindeer, who have gotten to be rather snobbish and would rather be drinking dry martinis and trying to pick up antlered beauties than "pulling some stinking sleigh"

Speaking of Santa and the sleigh, I almost forgot a true story. I once went on a date with a woman who used to work at the North Pole Post office! (Yes, there is actually a town called North Pole outside of Fairbanks!)She said the amount of mail they would get during Christmas was positively unbelieveable. The date was actually quite fun, we went out to the different clubs. One was an absolute cesspool of dealers, hookers, pimps and a few "normal" people. That would be the two of us...It was so dark in this place that you could barely see your hands in front of you. Smoke so thick you could cut it with a knife. It has been noted that a man once tried to pick up a chimpanzee in there one night...The houseband was an amazing group, with one of the finest guitarists in the state-stunning! They had been there for something like 6 years straight. The bassist I was playing with at the time knew them and I had the absolute dream experience of getting up and jamming with them earlier in the month. So she and I had fun until she tried to tell me that Santa didn't really exist! --------------NO!!!!!!!!

-Derek (tour guide in hell, vagabond on hiatus)

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


I'm back from a nice little session with one of my Strats...I just love it, it's one of the most versatile instruments around. I will take an old Gretsch or a Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty if anyone is giving one away, however. I'll even trade the demons straight up for one! And what a deal that is...unrelenting misery and hellish torment forevermore! Ahhh, just like a day lounging around the pool sipping an ice cold drink---only slightly different. Well, as they used to sing back in Cream "The only time I'm happy's when I play my guitar..." (from "N.S.U."--Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were in this innovative band-waaaaaaaay back in the 60's.) Even I was too young to have seen them live. I'm just grateful no one decided to do a disco version of "Sunshine of Your Love"-for that I do believe there is a supreme being, although he didn't keep Pat Boone from doing his heavy metal album! I'm sure it's purty damn funny, but...

Sidebar on vagabonds, poets, troubadours, minstrels, mystics and black jack players;
How did Bob Dylan go from counter-cultural icon to that appearance in a Victoria's Secret commmerical? The answer my friend is "blowin' in the wind"...I know he doesn't need the money, so I imagine he was just wanting to add a little exotic experience to his life. Or he was wanting to rub shoulders (or something else) with the supermodels... The Times they are a Changin'.

Remember, the grass is always greener--until you water it with Absolute!

What a Difference a Day Makes...

or something...
Managed to get ahold of my ex and my son tonight, it was nice. As it turned out, there was no cold war, she had just been extremely sick and hadn't been too "with it" lately. They both were in good moods, a bit ringy actually-AND talkative. I'm glad I have a phonecard that's very cheap otherwise the call might've reached a little under national debt proportions! I neglected to mention that she has a little 2 year old daughter with yet another musician who she isn't with anymore. The child is quite boisterous and I guarantee you she will soon be able to break windows with her shrieks-or is that "shreks"? (ho and ho) Why couldn't I have had the foresight to invest in the "merch" properties of one of these kid's movies? So, all in all, it appears that things are okay on that front, which is a relief.

I'm on the cusp of the end of my weekend and am starting to get into that world weary "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go" mode. Did I ever mention that this life I'm leading is absolutely nothing like the one I had in mind for myself years ago? I haven't even set foot in my studio lately and just don't feel the inspiration to do so. I had the start of a beautiful pop-ish tune a week or so ago, but "lyrics block" happened and everything is a standstill. I checked out this dating site earlier and couldn't help but notice how many of the women are from New York--now that would be a long distance relationship! I was going to get serious about my diet this weekend and am doing the Chet Atkins diet (for guitarists this will be funny, for everyone else...huh?) . It's nothing but pizza and cookies n cream ice cream for a month, yes watch the pounds just melt off! Another important detail is the special funhouse mirror that you have to get. Oooh and la la bay--bee!Not one bid for my two demons(housebroken even!) on ebay...I'm getting disgusted.
over n out, Derek Ozelle

Just Back From Mt. St. Helens!

Yes, it was steaming, hot, sensual and full of good conversation...just like I like my women! How did
I manage to get to Washington state and back to Alaska in such a short time? Connections, people, connections.

Monday, October 04, 2004

The "Sweet Time" Morphs into Salt!

I usually call my weekends the "Sweet Time", because it's usually the only time when I truly feel like myself, not some droid. So far it's achieved more of a saccharine taste, where's the honey? I never could figure out why people ever use that stuff in coffee etc., not only does it have the worst taste imaginable, it's carcinogenic!

I've managed to sink into the Black Mood #98 abyss, it's so frustrating because I know full well that this is going to be a waste of what could be a fine evening. Let's just say I feel like I'm the human equivalent of the Southern Reconstruction after the Civil War. I got sober 7 years ago and it's been like dragging an anchor uphill. I completely forgot that the 30th was my sobriety "birthday", that's a telling sign of my mindset lately. Nothing like working off thousands of dollars in back child support payments, taxes, tickets and bills while trying to get some semblance of a"life" together. I know this is just an imaginary utopia oriented vision that us humans like to indulge in. Life has plateaus of accomplishments and various criteria for "success", for me to continue to chase the proverbial carrot on a stick of "arriving" is futile. I want to see perhaps some progress that is a little more rapid than grass growth. Not only is it like pissing in a dark suit-no one else seems to notice, including myself! I have purchased a camera for time lapse photos so I can see my credit card balances go down 20 bucks in three years. Suze Orman would be proud! I have to commend myself on some private victories, however, I've gotten some of them accomplished. I do want to jettison some of the demons, baggage and issues that continue to plague me. Anyone want to pick up a couple of them at half off? Hmmm, maybe I can sell some of the bad memories of my ex on ebay? Two demons, used, to good home-start the bidding at $5.00, "Buy It Now" at 19.99.

I've got another period of silence going on with her and my 13 year old son. I call and get her answering machine or no machine at all. I email them, I get no answers. My folks came to visit in July and my son flew down with his Grandma. His Grandpa flew in to town and we had a couple of fine days hanging out together. I believe a good time was had by all. It was really nice to spend some time with him, I don't see him nearly enough. He lives a thousand miles north in a town that you can only fly to. It's prohibitively expensive for me to fly up there very often. I wish he was a little more into my music, he seemed to be totally disinterested in hearing me play while he was here. Not that it's been a major part of my life or anything. Sometimes I have to admit I get resentful about it. I had a fairly nice career going in music before he came along, he wasn't exactly planned, he was more of a "surprise" I'm inclined to think that really went down was this was her attempt to "trap" me, even though at the time it was fairly obvious that we weren't going to make it as a couple. I guess I should be grateful that we were never married. After enduring over ten years of nasty phone calls etc. she's now been taking medication for her bi-polar disorder. I'd forgotten she'd been diagnosed as having it and was just a plain b**ch! I go to work and try to do the best I can, pay the bills and maintain some reasonable facsimile of happiness. So this whole experience of fatherhood has been a real rollercoaster ride, but my son is a good kid and I am proud of him. I wish we lived closer and tried to make that happen by getting my position back at my old gig years ago. So there is still pain and some resentment felt by everybody, it appears. "Leave it to Beaver" it isn't, just another complicated family situation
in the new millenium...

All I've been trying to do for the past 5 years is get my small studio together and it continues on. I wonder why I even bother sometimes, although digital recording gear is coming down in price, I'm still doing the po' boy blues scene. I just have to keep persevering. I had my own homestudio together in California and little did I know how long it would take to get one going up here in Alaska. Of course, that was due to the fact that I had no intention of becoming domestic and liked being a vagabond, traveling light. This is why I have the intense desire for the acoustic, can you truly be a vagabond without one?

For some reason, even though I'm basically used to being a recluse I've been experiencing crushing loneliness lately...Solitude can do a "quick change" routine and become "ye olde lonely".
"It's all perspective" says the gargoyle on my shoulder. "Bulls**t" says the one. I worry about this, isn't there supposed to be an angel and a devil perched somewhere? All I've got is one gargoyle in a white robe (why is it terrycloth?) and the other one in a black trench coat. Nothing appears to be on underneath. Lawdy lawdy... He's usually the one who says "what're you lookin' at?" and "Are you talkin' to me?" Come to think of it, it's a whole slew of DeNiro and Pacino lines. Pretty pathetic, eh? I'm sure he'd go over great at Club Med...

Thazzz all folks, Derek (what's this cane doing around my neck?--oh, exit stage right, even!)

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Working with Young "Smarta$$"

Well that was a fine week-what an incredible grind. I'm working with a young "problem child". Here we have someone who doesn't like being told what to do. Well...who does, but when you're new, it goes with the territory. He's got a sarcastic, smartass mouth and I finally had to tell him to cool it with the sarcasm and do his job... I can always tell when someone's done some jail time, they can't seem to figure out that they are no longer in the "cell block" and are now out on the street. Everything I say to him has some defensive remark hurled back at me. I have an unfortunate problem in that I'm a nice guy. I already see his little manipulative games and I'm not sure exactly what it's going to take to finally get him to see I'm not going to play. I worry when I think perhaps the only thing I think he understands is blunt force trauma. However, there is a silver lining, he's already endeared himself to the owner by saying alot of obnoxious things to his daughter. They've had a couple of arguments already. He's a class act. He was also a 45 minutes late to work last night. His "loose cannon" activity could very well end up getting him the boot. Did I mention that I absolutely loathe drama at the workplace?