Thursday, March 30, 2006

Music Continues to be...

the ultimate blessing and curse. It's been an interesting past few months, leaving no stone or emotion unturned. New Years has come and gone once again, due to my sobriety it's basically just another night. A good friend of mine and I used to joke about having a wild time sipping apple juice...whoa man! He was an extremely gifted progressive rock guitarist/pianist and we were running buddies for a year or so, did quite a bit of drinking together-lots of Schlitz and Olde English Malt Liquor. That and lots of, white, green, whatever...You were expecting Dom Perignon? We got a brilliant idea and decided to work up an acoustic duo between drunkathons, he was between bands and I really hadn't been in an organized band yet. We worked on each others originals and a ended up writing a very prophetic song called "I Had To Realize (I Was Drinking Too Much). He had a nice Django Reinhardt jazz swing progression and we wrote some hilarious lyrics to it--oh ye olde irony. He was smarter than I was and quit drinking about a decade before I did, I had to continue on weathering increasingly hideous hangovers. Good times! (%&$^%$^%) If you're out there Ty, here's to you with the glass of apple juice. Party on!

That harsh mistress music has been constantly reminding me I'm wasting alot of precious time. My guitars are waiting, I do pick one up from time to time and it's a pleasant experience. Life has gotten very complex and expensive-really never dreamed that it would get this difficult. I have to trust my intuition and continue on somehow, going to keep working towards getting all of my guitars and gear together and some good things will happen musically. There's a big world out there and I'm not spending much time in it...That's all for now, hope springs infernal --over n out.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

More Wise Words....

Never eat more than you can lift. -Miss Piggy