Friday, January 27, 2006

Ahh--to be a Moose!

Hmmmm, it appears it's been awhile since I've written-current conditions; 5 below and a tad chilly! I was going to wait until I was in a better mood but we know how that goes. Survived the holidays and was able to get my internet job going. Not going to get rich, but have slowed the steady slide into the red.

Not one, but two moose sightings in one morning-have to love Anchorage, where else can you see moose walking around as if they own the place? A large, regal Bull Moose was hanging out in the park right down the street, I was tempted to ask him "where's Rocky?" but thought better of it. He must get that all the time. Later on a mile or so away, there was a big yearling sauntering right down the middle of the street, just having a nice Friday morning stroll out looking for some tender brush to munch. I spent a minute or two considering the benefits of being a moose-- no credit card debt, mindnumbing job and christmas shopping to deal with. I'm sure there are a few negatives... Remember, there's only 320 shopping days left!