Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alaskanblue4's Newest Twitter Tweet

Here's my latest (and only) tweet: ate burrito. The sky sure looks blue. Girls are crazy!

Oh Gawd, it's finally come down to this--I'm not only of the opinion that twitter sucks, it must be ignored into oblivion. What I found mildly amusing at first was the guys at NFL Network hawking the NFL twitter pages--along with such obvious media hyping on various cable news programs. Yes, I get it--twitter is fresh, it's immediate, it's...useless and dull! I suppose it's just sweet that all of the textheads out there get to post about the scintillating events of their day from their cellphones wherever they happen to be-but what up peeps? A 140 character max tends to leave out any details of said events, hence making them somewhat interesting. And hell, most of these twitter addicts with ADD are good with a five word sentence-yeah, why use 120 letters when 30 will do? Why worry about Western Civilization crumbling with crappy education, video games and crystal meth when we have twitter to do it all by itself? There are sources that say that twitter is wanting to upstage Facebook...with what? Their incredible content? Wow...So that being said, ignore twitter--come here instead for my tweets about the NFL/ Brett "I'm a Media Hoe" Favre, social commentary, celebate celebrity dating, Miley Cyrus up- to-the-minute soft drink slurping, bam boozling, Bret Michael's latest fiance', Kim Kardashian's latest flame and wow-I may eat another burrito-stay tuned! Tweetie pie should probably sue these a$$handles for defamation of caricature...ho and ho...

As always, your humble servant-Derek Ozelle LTD Jr. Esq III (again)


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