Thursday, October 05, 2006


Hey, I'm back by popular demand...(to the sound of wind whistling through the cobwebs)...I figured I'd better post something to keep up with my blistering one entry a year!

What prompted this, you ask? The names, yes the infernally ridiculous "combinationnnnames"--"TomKat", "Brangelina", and the latest "Vaughniston". Thank God that "Jence" decided to call it quits recently or we'd be burdoned with that one forever and a day! Granted, I'm sure it's quite fun for the entertainment writers to sit up all night crafting these cutesy wootsie monikers but really isn't it time to nip this in the bud once and for all? Stop, please stop! Better yet, don't just nip it, crush, douse it with kerosene, light it up, kick it over the cliff and sayonara bay bee! This just in--- "TonEva" and "StedOp" are still together...I will now go and hurl...

-your humble servant, Sir Dozelle

PS--Old Dirty Bastard is still dead